Autors: Ruskova, I. N., Gieva, E. E.
Title: Sensors for wireless body area networks (Healthcare Technologies, 2017)(Chap. 8)
Keywords: body area networks; patient monitoring; biomedical telemetry; wireless sensor networks

Abstract: The inevitable progress of health monitoring technologies leads to continuous improvement of the monitoring sensors. They become smaller and compact, with lower power consumption and higher accuracy. These devices are then integrated into wireless body area networks (WBANs) which promise real-time healthcare monitoring during daily activities. WBANs or body sensor network is a wireless network of computing devices that can be carried over BAN devices. Sensors can be implanted in the body, worn on the body and their position can be fixed. There might be accompanying devices that people are free to carry in a pocket as a garment or in a handbag. The position of the device does not influence the person's comfort.



    IET Digital Library, pp. 183-205, 2017, Bulgaria, ISBN 9781785612121

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