Autors: Gieva, E. E., Nikolov, G. T., Nikolova, B. M.
Title: Sheet Resistance Measurement of Inkjet Printed Layers
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Abstract: The Van der Pauw method is a method commonly used to measure the resistance and Hall coefficient of a sample. Its advantage lies in its ability to accurately measure the properties of a random sample, ensuring that the sample is approximately two-dimensional (i.e., it is much thinner than it is wide), rigid (without holes), and the electrodes are located on the perimeter. The Van der Pauw method uses a 4-point probe around the sample circumference, unlike the linear 4-point probe: this allows the Van der Pauw method to provide a mean resistance of the sample while the linear array provides resistance in the reading direction. [1] This difference becomes important for anisotropic materials, which can be correctly measured by the various modifications of the Van der Pauw method.



    42nd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, ISSE 2019;, 2019, Poland, CFP19509-ART; Code 151262, ISSN 21612528

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