Autors: Bonev, B. G., Petkov, P. Z.
Title: Fractal J-pole antenna
Keywords: super J-pole , fractal , Koch curve , wideband , multiband

Abstract: A super J-pole antenna with two fractal Koch curve shaped elements is proposed in this paper. In order to increase the bandwidth and to provide the proper phasing of the currents in the antenna elements a duplexer type phasing section is designed. The antenna performances (radiation patterns, VSWR and gain) are simulated and optimized for GSM-1800, UMTS-2100 and Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz bands. Fractal J-pole antenna features relatively small size and high gain. The VSWR is experimentally measured.



    26th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA). IEEE, 2016, 2016, Slovakia, DOI: 10.1109/RADIOELEK.2016.7477356

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