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# Автор
8851 Stanilov, A. S., Ivanov, M. P., Energy parameters assessment, under scale effect calculation of centrifugal fans with radial blades (2023)
8852 Софронова, Д. А., Изкуствени текстилни материали от соев протеин (2005)
8853 Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A., A compararative analysis of the capabilities of digital embroidery software products (2019)
8854 Софронова, Д. А., Интелигентни текстилни системи за медицински приложения (2023)
8855 Angelov, I. K., Physical Model of AC Traction Networks for Simulating Emergency Modes (2022)
8856 Todorova, K. M., Pavlov, D. T., Petrov, V. E., Uncertainty Budget for Calibration of Sensors for Measurement of Correlated Color Temperature (2022)
8857 Pavlov, D. T., Ivanov, D. D., Methods to Improve Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators of Lighting in Classrooms (2022)
8858 Deliyski, R. T., Influence of Degradation on Modified Full Reference Image Quality Metrics (2022)
8859 Zarkov, Z. J., Milenov, V. A., DC-DC Converter for Adaptation of Thin-Film PV Panel I-V Characteristics for Microinverter (2022)
8860 Dimitrov, S. B., Totev, D. K., Nikolov, S. N., Dimitrova, R. K., Design of Compost Production System Powered by Green Energy Sources (2023)
8861 Pavlova, A. A., On the Solution of Fuzzy Differential Equations by Shehu Transform Method (2022)
8862 Mitova, M. P., Tomov, P. K., Kunicina N., Patlins A., Mansurova M., Namsrai O. -E., Towards to sustainability of education: the mutual cooperation with partners in Smart city project (2022)
8863 Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Shakev, N. G., Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (2022)
8864 Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Bot Development for Intelligent Automation in ERP Systems (2022)
8865 Hrischev, R. N., Shakev, N. G., Artificial intelligence in ERP systems (2023)
8866 Hrischev, R. N., Modelling and Simulation in the ERP Systems (2021)
8867 I, T. I., A Methodology for Mapping Educational Domain Ontologies Using Top Level Ontologies. (2022)
8868 Mitov, A. S., Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N., Angelov, I. I., H∞ control of load-sensing electro-hydraulic servo system (2022)
8869 Mitov, A. S., Slavov, T. N., Kralev, J. K., Angelov, I. I., Variable displacement axial-piston pump control by genetic algorithm tuned PID controller (2023)
8870 Vacheva, G. I., Stanchev P., Hinov, N. L., Optimization of Inverter for PV Systems (2022)
8871 Vacheva, G. I., Stanchev P., Hinov, N. L., Modeling and Simulation of Coupled PMSM (2022)
8872 Zlatev Z., Hinov, N. L., Evaluation of the Transient Process of a Buck DC-DC Converter, using FFT Analysis of the Output Voltage (2022)
8873 Denev, I. N., Petko., Antonov, I. S., CFD simulation about influence of air conditioner over turbulence intensity in a room (2016)
8874 P Tsonev., V Ivanov., St Kolev., Tarnev, K. T., Ts Paunska., Turbulent flow influence on the discharge parameters of a magnetically-stabilized gliding arc discharge (2022)
8876 Pitchurov, G. T., Markov, D. G., Georgiev E., Verification of the capacity of lubricating oil cooler system of turbine bearings (2023)
8877 Todorova, M. K., Marinova, I. Y., Mateev, V. M., Permanent Magnet's Mechanical Strength in Rotational Magnetic Gears (2022)
8878 Stoilova, S. D., A New Aggregated Multi-Criteria Approach for Evaluation of the Autonomous Metro Systems’ Performance in the European Countries (2022)
8879 Stoyanov, T. M., Spaspv, R. L., Rizov, P. M., Power transformers supplied by non-sinusoidal voltages or supplying non-linear loads- problems and solutions (2022)
8880 Ivanov, M. P., Mijorski S., “Analyses of wall surface condensation risk, based on CFD model with conventional room radiator” (2021)
8881 Danca P., Bayati A., Nastase I., Sandu M., Ivanov, M. P., Terziev, A. K., Mijorski S., "Advanced solutions to improve heat recovery from wastewater in a double heat exchanger" (2023)
8882 Beloev H., Iliev I., Ilieva D., Terziev, A. K., Ivanov, M. P., “Green Energy Potential in University Building’s Roofs, Assessed Through the Possibility for Installation of Commercial Photovoltaic Systems” (2023)
8883 Penyashki T., Kamburov, V. V., Kostadinov G., Kandeva, M. K., Dimitrova, R. D., Nikolov, A. A., Possibilities and Prospects for Improving the Tribological Properties of Titanium and Its Alloy by Electrospark Alloying (2022)
8884 Penyashki T., Kostadinov G., Nikolov, A. A., Dimitrova, R. B., Kamburov, V. V., Kandeva, M. K., Criteria and approaches when choosing an electrode material to increase the wear resistance of titanium alloys by Electro Spark Deposition (2022)
8885 Kamburov, V. V., Nikolov, A. A., Comparison of the Сontinuous Сonstrained Double Вending process with Еqual Channel Angular Extrusion Conform process by simulation modelling (2022)
8886 Penyashki T., Kostadinov G., Dimitrova, R. B., Kamburov, V. V., Kandeva, M. K., Valkanov, S. T., Nikolov, A. A., Elenov B., Improving Surface Properties of Titanium Alloys by Electrospark Deposition with Low Pulse Energy (2022)
8887 Penyashki T., Kostadinov G., Kandeva, M. K., Kamburov, V. V., Nikolov, A. A., Dimitrova, R. B., Abrasive and erosive wear of Ti6Al4V alloys with electrospark deposited coatings of multicomponent hard alloys materials basedon WC and TiB2, Coatings (2023)
8888 Panov, V. K., Ivanova, M. J., Mitrev, R. P., Mathematical modeling of the longitudinal motion of a robotic construction manipulator with a freely suspended payload (2022)
8889 Минковска, Д. В., Perçuku A.S., The Application of eXtended Reality for Learning in Higher Education (2022)
8890 Mitrev, R. P., Panov, V. K., Ivanova, M. J., Trajectory Planning of a Robotic Construction Manipulator Motion Based on a Fifth-Degree Polynomial with Preassigned Maximum Velocity and Acceleration (2022)
8891 Hrischev, R. N., Shakev, N. G., Stoykova, S. G., Application of Artificial Intelligence in ERP Systems (2022)
8892 Бриасули, А. Й., Минковска, Д. В., Стоянова, Л. Й., Security Of Cloud Computing Through Biometric Features (2022)
8893 Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Services with integrated AI in the SAP Business Technology Platform (2022)
8894 Минковска, Д. В., Дигитализацията на образователния процес в българските училища – предпоставка за успешното интегриране на средното и висшето образование (2022)
8895 Perçuku A.S., Минковска, Д. В., The eXtended Reality Technology in Power System Trainings (2022)
8896 Уйкани, Б. Т., Минковска, Д. В., Стоянова, Л. Й., Application of Logistic Regression Technique for Predicting Student Dropout (2022)
8897 Koparanov, K. A., Trifonov, R. I., Minkovska, D. V., Georgiev, K., Forecasting a long sequence of values with a neural network using direct and recurrent approaches (2022)
8898 Lyubomir Blagoev., Trifonov, R. I., Kamen Spassov., A Set of Registers Supporting Semantic Interoperability in the E-governance's Environment (2022)
8899 Iman Abouhassan., Nikola Kasabov., Popov, G. I., Trifonov, R. I., Why Use Evolving Neuro-Fuzzy and Spiking Neural Networks for incremental and explainable learning of time series? A case study on predictive modelling of trade imports and outlier detection (2022)
8900 Romansky, R. P., Empirical evaluation of the transfer of information resources in active learning (2023)