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# Автор
8851 Docheva, L. E., Dochev, I. N., Manev, S. V., Lubih, L. V., The Process of Teaching Students in the Deep Neural Network Laboratory Work (2022)
8852 Matanov, N. S., Zahov, A. T., Angelov, I. K., Modeling of the Electric Vehicle Charging Process - Part 2 (2022)
8853 Matanov, N. S., Nankinsky, P. N., Digital substations - the backbone of smart grids (2022)
8854 Stoev, P. I., Matanov, N. S., Simulation Model of a Street Lighting System with LEDs (2022)
8855 Stoynova, A. V., Bonev, B. B., Kafadarova, N., Rizanov, S. M., Infrared measurements of temperature anomalies in electronic devices (2022)
8856 Stoynova, A. V., Bonev, B. B., Post-processing improvement of lock-in thermography study of MCM-L for better hidden defect localization (2022)
8857 Slavov, V. D., Tashev, T. A., Mladenov, V. M., Automated System for DMM Calibration (2007)
8858 Beloev H., Iliev I., Kibarin A., Aliyarova M., Terziev, A. K., Comparative technical and economic analysis of innovative methods for waste heat recovery from flue gases for boiler type BKZ 220-100 (2021)
8859 Филипова-Петракиева, С. К., Младенов, В. М., Решени примери по Дискретни Структури - 5-то издание (2023)
8860 Antonov, S. I., A research on the influences of forming parameters on the roughness of plastic products by fuse deposition modeling technology (2022)
8861 Antonov, S. I., Kostadin Sheiretsky., Modified Method for Describing Stationary Processes Related to the Solutions of Non-Autonomous Differential Equations (2022)
8862 Antonov, S. I., Kostadin Sheiretsky., Some Approaches to Finding Solutions for Autonomous Nonlinear Differential Equations (2022)
8863 Velichkova, R. T., Antonov, S. I., Analysis of occurrence and distribution of convective flow in the environment (2022)
8864 Milanov, K. G., Gospodinova, D. N., Mintchev, M. S., Study of an AC/DC Convertor Powered by DC Voltage (2022)
8865 Georgiev, M. G., Georgieva, A. N., Gospodinova, D. N., Analysis of the Possibilities for the Utilization of Photovoltaic Energy and the Use of a Hydrogen Installation for Energy Storage in Buildings (2022)
8866 Gospodinova, D. N., Neznakomova, M. P., Investigation of the Effect of Polymer Solution Electrospinning System Parameters on the Nanofibers Morphology (2022)
8867 Velichkova, R. T., Simova, I. S., Angelova, R. A., Markov, D. G., Pushkarov, M. I., Denev, I. N., Numerical Modelling of an Air Turbine for a Hybrid System for Sea Wave Energy Utilization, (2022)
8868 Velichkova, R. T., Simova, I. S., Angelova, R. A., Markov, D. G., Pushkarov, M. I., Denev, I. N., Determination of Operating Parameters of Hybrid System for Wave Energy Utilization (2022)
8869 Nachev, I. N., Iliev, I. G., Study of a Mushroom-like EBG Structure Integration in Phased Antenna Array with Improving Radiation Characteristics Purposes (2022)
8870 Stoyanov, L. S., Bachev, I. E., Zarkov, Z. J., Lazarov, V. D., Study of PV Technology Influence on the Battery Sizing in PV-based Irrigation System (2022)
8871 Anguelov, K. P., Stoyanov, L. S., Appropriation of International Standards for The Structuring of Engineering Training in West Africa (2022)
8872 Pandiev, I. M., Stability analysis and design of floating load voltage-controlled current sources (2023)
8873 Пеев, И. И., Български език за академично писане (2022)
8874 Dimitrov, K. L., Damyanov, I. S., Valkovski, T. S., Comparison of seasonal differences in infrared thermal images captured through a intelligent pasture monitoring system (2022)
8875 Valkovski, T. S., Dimitrov, K. L., Optical method for collecting and examining the dynamic range of signals by displacement of MMF (2022)
8876 Dimitrov, K. L., Valkovski, T. S., Damyanov, I. S., Mladenov, G. D., Petrol and Diesel Engines Sound Measuring and Analyzing in Real Road Conditions (2022)
8877 Nachev, I. N., Photonic Band Gap Structure Integration in Topology for the Design and Manufacture of Quasi-Yagi Antennas (2022)
8878 Hristov, H. I., Dimitrov, K. L., Investigation of the influence of the distance and the angle of observation in radiometric measurements in the infrared spectrum (2022)
8879 Пеев, И. И., Соматизираната душа – хармонията душа-тяло VS corpusanima/ или за „душетeлеснотта“ като мода (2023)
8880 Райков, К. В., Енергийна ефективност на интелигентните електрически мрежи (2022)
8881 Singh H., Kumar V., Saxena K., Bonev, B. G., Computational intelligent techniques for prediction of environmental attenuation of millimeter waves (2020)
8882 Kumar V., Singh H., Saxena K., Bonev, B. G., Prasad R., Kapse V. M., Machine Intelligence Method for Rain Classification by Using Signal Strength for Designing of 6G Networks (2022)
8883 Nachev, I. I., Iliev, I. G., Circularly Polarized Phased Antenna Array with Pseudo-Conical Scanning with an Application for UAVs Unmanned Landing (2022)
8884 Nachev, I. N., Iliev, I. G., Z-shape EBG Structure Improving the Phased Antenna Array Radiation Pattern with Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Navigation Application (2022)
8885 Dechkova, S. V., J. Ilieva., Z. Zlatev., Development of Ultrasonic Device for High School Lab Activity (2022)
8886 Велчев, Ю. С., Алгоритми за компресия на електрокардиографски сигнали (2022)
8887 Bogdanov, L. V., R. Ivanov., A Cycle-accurate Template Microprocessor Model of a Von Neumann Architecture Based on SystemC (2022)
8888 Bogdanov, L. V., V. Naycheva., N. Iliev., Embedded System for Detecting Underwater Ultrasound (2022)
8889 Stanchev, P. A., Vacheva, G. I., Hinov, N. L., Harmonic Resonance Analysis of Buck DC-DC Converter (2022)
8890 Ivanova, M. S., Tchobanova, Z. N., The Influence of Regression Kernel Functions at Predictive Modelling in Electronics (2022)
8891 Gieva, E. E., Velichkova, R. T., Assessment of forest fire in Bulgaria (2022)
8892 Velichkova, R. T., Angelova, R. A., Simova, I. S., On the Floods in the Tundzha River Basin (2022)
8893 Ivanova, M. S., Social competencies identification for realization of successful engineering practice (2012)
8894 Ciupageanu D., Terziev, A. K., Lazaroi D., Mihaescu L., Negreanu G., Pisa I., Berbece V., Bondrea D., Mavrodin E., Iliev I., Enache E., Pop E., Cernat A., Pana C., Geletukha G., Drahniev S., Zheliezna T., Zubenko V., Haidai O., Dragne M., Vatuiu T., Iana S., Kantorek M., Jesionek K., Polesek-Karczewska S., Ziółkowski P., Badur J., Innovative Renewable Waste Conversion Technologie (2022)
8895 K, N. J., Research of the combustion process in the initialmixing section of the injection gas burner (2022)
8898 Miletiev, R. G., Iontchev, E. I., Yordanov, R. S., Multisensor precision positioning based on inertial and GNSS systems via 5G network (2022)
8899 Miletiev, R. G., Yordanov, R. S., Compact smart solid-state relay with WiFi connectivity (2022)
8900 Костов, К. В., Граменова, М. В., Петров, И. С., Анализ и оценка на параметрите оказващи влияние в процеса на хемодиализа (2022)