Autors: Sahoo, S.K., Pattnaik, S.K., Samal, S.R., Nayak, C.K., Das, J.K., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: STeSH: Intelligent Speech Technology Enabled Smart Home Automation Using IoT
Keywords: internet enabled services (IES); IoT; smart home automation

Abstract: Due to the advancement in recent technologies and emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home Automation (SHA) plays a vital role in today's lifestyle. Many users are showing their keen interest to move towards this era of digital transformation in order to take the potential benefits of such intelligent and smart application. Traditional smart home systems have several limitations e.g. connectivity, coverage area, device dependability, platform supportability etc. which makes the system less sustainable. In this paper, the proposed technique introduces a novel scheme to operate the devices in an intelligent manner. The scheme implements a system named as "Speech Technology enabled Smart Home (STeSH)", which supports voice assisted home automation with extreme security and range-free localization. The idea of the proposed technique is to integrate the power of IoT with classical home automation by using an advanced speech technology service.



    Journal of Mobile Multimedia, vol. 18, issue 6, pp. 1471-1496, 2022, Denmark, River Publishers, DOI 10.13052/jmm1550-4646.1861

    Copyright River Publishers

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