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# Автор
8901 Гиндева, С. И., Граменова, М. В., Цонева, М. М., Формиране на аналитични способности у студентите в лабораторно упражнение по механика (2022)
8902 Петров, И. С., Иванова, М. С., Граменова, М. В., Въздействие на пандемията COVID-19 върху професионалното и висшето образование и обучение (2022)
8903 Стоянов, Д. Г., Граменова, М. В., Testland: VI. Кинематика на свободно вертикално движение на тежко тяло в полето на земята (2022)
8904 Иванов, В. Д., Иванова, М. С., Граменова, М. В., Петров, И. С., Методика за статистически анализ на експериментални данни (2016)
8905 Dimitrov, S. I., A ternary diophantine inequality by primes with one of the form p=x^2+y^2+1 (2022)
8906 Dimitrov, S. I., On a tangent equation by primes (2022)
8907 Madamlieva, E. B., Kiskinov, H., Petkova, M., Zahariev, A., On the Preservation with Respect to Nonlinear Perturbations of the Stability Property for Nonautonomous Linear Neutral Fractional Systems with Distributed Delays (2022)
8908 Madamlieva, E. B., Milev, M., Stoyanova, T., On Stability Criteria Induced by the Resolvent Kernel for a Fractional Neutral Linear System with Distributed Delays (2023)
8909 Kiskinov, H., Veselinova, M., Madamlieva, E. B., Zahariev, A., A Comparison of a Priori Estimates of the Solutions of a Linear Fractional System with Distributed Delays and Application to the Stability Analysis (2021)
8910 Madamlieva, E. B., Konstantinov, M., Petkova, M., Milev, M., Integral Representation for the Solutions of Autonomous Linear Neutral Fractional Systems with Distributed Delay (2020)
8911 Kiskinov, H., Madamlieva, E. B., Veselinova, M., Zahariev, A., Existence of Absolutely Continuous Fundamental Matrix of Linear Fractional System with Distributed Delays (2021)
8912 Kiskinov, H., Madamlieva, E. B., Veselinova, M., Zahariev, A., Integral Representation of the Solutions for Neutral Linear Fractional System with Distributed Delays (2021)
8913 Konstantinov, M., Madamlieva, E. B., Petkova, M., Cholakov, S., Asymptotic stability of nonlinear perturbed neutral linear fractional system with distributed delay (2021)
8914 Dimitrov, S. I., On an equation by primes with one Linnik prime (2022)
8915 Dimitrov, S. I., A Bombieri -- Vinogradov type result for exponential sums over Piatetski-Shapiro primes (2022)
8916 Iontchev, E. I., Miletiev, R. G., Iordanov, R. S., Landslide monitoring based on inertial measurement units and Zigbee network (2022)
8917 Badarov, D. H., Marinov, T. M., Mihov, G. S., A Methodology for Compensation of Differential Nonlinearity in Digital-To-Analog Converters (2022)
8918 Mihov, G. S., Badarov, D. H., Improved Adaptive Approach for Suppression of 1st and 3th Harmonic of Mains Interference in ECG Signals (2022)
8919 Angelova, R. A., Materials, design and technology of face masks (2023)
8920 Donev, V. I., Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of non-oscillating and oscillating solutions of quasi-linear functional-differential equations of neutral type with constant coefficients and impulses (2022)
8921 Donev, V. I., On The Existence of Nonoscillatory and Oscillatory Solutions of Second Order Neutral Delay Impulsive Differential Equations (2011)
8922 Donev, V. I., Oscillation Criteria in First Order Neutral Delay Impulsive Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients (2008)
8923 Donev, V. I., Oscillatory Properties of First Order Neutral Delay Impulsive Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients (2009)
8924 Donev, V. I., Oscillations of First Order Impulsive Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients and Advanced Argument (2007)
8925 Donev, V. I., Oscillations of neutral nonconstant delay impulsive functional-differential equations of first order with variable coefficients (2011)
8926 Donev, V. I., On the oscillation and nonoscillation of the solutions of impulsive differential equations of second order with retarded argument (2011)
8927 Donev, V. I., Existence of an oscillating behavior in the dynamics of populations modeled by delay differential equations with impulses (2013)
8928 Donev, V. I., Software-ready Cubic Spline Collocation of Dirichlet Boundary Value Problem for First Order Differential Equations with Impulse Effect (2015)
8929 A. Vuchev., Grigorova, T. G., S. Vuchev., Output Characteristics for Continuous Current Mode of a Phase-Shift Controlled LLC DC-DC Converter (2022)
8930 Grigorova, T. G., A. Vuchev., S. Vuchev., Basic Dependencies of a Phase-Shift Controlled LLC DC-DC Converter at Continuous Current Mode (2022)
8931 Трифонов, Р. И., Наков, О. Н., Цочев, Г. Р., Наков, П. О., The Use of Intelligent Methods to Protect Industrial Systems (2022)
8933 Hristov, K. H., Genovski, I. K., Influence of temperature of return district water on the performance of a backpressure steam turbine installation (2023)
8934 Stanilov, A. S., Bekriev, O. N., Experimental study of the accuracy of measuring of a central water meter (2021)
8935 Stanilov, A. S., Ivanov, M. P., Energy parameters assessment, under scale effect calculation of centrifugal fans with radial blades (2023)
8936 Софронова, Д. А., Изкуствени текстилни материали от соев протеин (2005)
8937 Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A., A compararative analysis of the capabilities of digital embroidery software products (2019)
8938 Софронова, Д. А., Интелигентни текстилни системи за медицински приложения (2023)
8939 Angelov, I. K., Physical Model of AC Traction Networks for Simulating Emergency Modes (2022)
8940 Todorova, K. M., Pavlov, D. T., Petrov, V. E., Uncertainty Budget for Calibration of Sensors for Measurement of Correlated Color Temperature (2022)
8941 Pavlov, D. T., Ivanov, D. D., Methods to Improve Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators of Lighting in Classrooms (2022)
8942 Deliyski, R. T., Influence of Degradation on Modified Full Reference Image Quality Metrics (2022)
8944 Zarkov, Z. J., Milenov, V. A., DC-DC Converter for Adaptation of Thin-Film PV Panel I-V Characteristics for Microinverter (2022)
8945 Dimitrov, S. B., Totev, D. K., Nikolov, S. N., Dimitrova, R. K., Design of Compost Production System Powered by Green Energy Sources (2023)
8946 Pavlova, A. A., On the Solution of Fuzzy Differential Equations by Shehu Transform Method (2022)
8947 Mitova, M. P., Tomov, P. K., Kunicina N., Patlins A., Mansurova M., Namsrai O. -E., Towards to sustainability of education: the mutual cooperation with partners in Smart city project (2022)
8948 Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Shakev, N. G., Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (2022)
8949 Hrischev, R. N., Stoykova, S. G., Bot Development for Intelligent Automation in ERP Systems (2022)
8950 Hrischev, R. N., Shakev, N. G., Artificial intelligence in ERP systems (2023)