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# Автор
5701 Yakimov, P. I., Towards Attractive STEM Education by Using Open Source Hardware and Software (2018)
5702 Yakimov, P. I., Iovev, A. N., Implementation of hardware and software solutions for remote monitoring in substations (2017)
5703 Yakimov, P. I., Open-source platforms application in introductory embedded systems teaching (2016)
5704 Ovcharov, S. J., Vichev, S. T., Yakimov, P. I., Investigation on protective relays testing methods (2001)
5705 Денев, И. Н., Антонов, И. С., Петко Цанков., Симулация на разпределението на скоростно и температурно полета при отопление с климатизатор на офис помещение (2015)
5706 Денев, И. Н., Някои аспекти на взаимодействие на струя, носеща вредности със смукателен спектър (2016)
5707 Nenov, N. G., Nikolov, D. N., Yosifova D. V., RFID Electronic Sensor System for Rolling Stock Recognition in Motion (2018)
5708 Stoitcho Penkov., Taneva, A. T., Supervisory and Data Acquisition project with LoRa (2020)
5709 Stoynova, A. V., Nenov, N. G., Bonev, B. B., Passive and active infrared thermography survey in the railway transport field (2018)
5710 Popov, G. I., Mladenov, V. M., Nikos Mastorakis., Calculation of the acceleration of parallel programs as a function of the number of threads (2010)
5711 Chobanov, V. Y., PV Plant Load Scheduling Using Battery Storage (2020)
5712 Chobanov, V. Y., Renewable energy sources: beneficial for the climate, risky for the hospital energy supply in case of pandemic (2020)
5713 Uzunov, I. M., Influence of the higher-order effects on the solutions of complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg – Landau equation (2020)
5714 Иванова, М. С., Аналогова схемотехника (2020)
5715 Ангелова, С. С., Разколников на кръстопътя на приложната етика (2020)
5716 Ivanova, M. S., Self-assessment activities as factor for driving the learning performance (2021)
5717 Ivanova, M. S., Analysis and modelling of CMOS Gm-C filters through machine learning (2021)
5718 Ivanova, M. S., Kochev M., Modernization of a cooling water control system for the production of plastic pipes using fuzzy logic (2021)
5719 Railean E. A., Elci A., Ivanova, M. S., Alias M., Bîrnaz N., Are Open Textbooks Effective for Learning? Investigating the Issue of Human-computer Interaction in Pedagogical Design of Open Textbook Affordable for a Diversity of Learning Environments (2021)
5720 Minkovska, D. V., Ivanova, M. S., Security in multimedia information systems: Analysis and prediction (2021)
5721 Ivanova, M. S., Petrova, T. S., Analysis of relationship between students’ creative skill and learning performance (2021)
5722 Ivanova, M. S., Methodology for Analysis of Gm-C Filters based on Statistical, Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning Approach (2020)
5723 Kolev, G. D., Aleksandrova, M. P., Vucheva Y., Denishev, K. H., Kolev, G., Aleksandrova, M., Vucheva, Y., Denishev, K. Thin film microsensing elements, technology and application in microsystems for environment control (2014)
5724 Иванов, И. И., Избор за горивно устройство за абсорбционна хладилна машина (2019)
5726 Костов, П. С., Атанасов, К. Т., Иванов, И. И., Топлинен баланс на абсорбционна хладилна машина с газово гориво (2016)
5727 Velichkova, R. T., Pushkarov, M. I., Angelova, R. A., Simova, I. S., Markov, D. G., Denev, I. N., Yordanov, P. S., Hydraulic power take off system for wave energy utilization (2021)
5728 Денев, И. Н., Костов, К. В., Изследване гъстотата на мрежата при числено моделиране на турбулентни течения (2021)
5729 Pushkarov, M. I., Denev, I. N., Modelling of test-rig for purification of mining water (2019)
5730 Kostov, K. V., Determination of technical and economic indicators of thermal power stations directly from the turbine regime characteristics (2020)
5731 Antonov, I. S., Antonov, S. I., Velichkova, R. T., Denev, I. N., Equations for motion on a two-phase flow in cylindrical coordinates (2019)
5732 Momchilova, M. K., Cultural differences in Chinese animation and Japanese anime (2019)
5733 Momchilova, M. K., ‘Donghua’ (动画): A Key to China’s Heart (2019)
5734 Georgieva, V., Aleksandrova, M. P., Stefanov, P., Grechnikov, A., Gadjanova, V., Dilova, T., Angelov, T., Study of quartz crystal microbalance NO2 sensor coated with sputtered indium tin oxide film (2014)
5735 N. Tontchev., E. Yankov., Zumbilev, A. P., Methodology for Designing the Parameters of Technological Nitriding Regime with Respect to the Relative Wear Resistance of Tool Steels for hot Working (2021)
5736 KarlovaSergieva, V. A., Conditional Feedback Control of Second-Order Process (2021)
5737 Момчилова, М. К., Оптимистичният предразсъдък в медийните изследвания (2020)
5738 N. Tontchev., Zumbilev, A. P., E.Yankov., Zumbilev I., Analysis of Multiple Indicators of Ion Nitrided Layers of BH11 Steel (2021)
5739 Momchilova, M. K., Rethinking blended learning environments (2020)
5740 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Tomov, R., Singh, A.K., Mohite, K.C., Dobrikov, G. H., Role of the CdS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots in the thin film lead-free perovskite solar cells (2020)
5741 Aleksandrova, M. P., Tsanev, T. D., Pandiev, I. M., Dobrikov, G. H., Study of piezoelectric behaviour of sputtered KNbO3 nanocoatings for flexible energy harvesting (2020)
5742 Savov, K. S., Hadzhiyska K., Stoilov, D. G., Babinkov T. I., Nikolov, N. N., Models for energy systems development planning (2020)
5743 Hadzhiyska K., Slavkov V., Savov, K. S., Babinkov T. I., Stoilov, D. G., Nikolov, N. N., Study of the Main Scenarios for Bulgarian Energy System Development (2020)
5744 Stankov, I. S., Gotseva, D. A., An Overview of Security and Risk Management in Business Intelligence Systems (2020)
5745 Stankov, I. S., Tsochev, G. R., A Study On Information Security Management (2020)
5746 Stankov, I. S., Business Intelligent Systems Data Processing (2020)
5747 Stankov, I. S., Environmental Management Information Systems (2020)
5748 Stankov, I. S., Data exchange technologies in sensor networks (2020)
5749 Романски, Р. П., Техническа инфорватика (организация и микроархитектура на компютъра) (2018)
5750 Stoyanov, T. M., Spasov, R. L., Rizov, P. M., Investigation of the skewing of the slots in permanent magnet synchronous machines (2020)