Autors: Miletiev, R. M., Kapanakov, P. K., Yordanov, R. Y., Emil Iontchev.
Title: Design of miniature 9 DoF inertial module with GSM/GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity
Keywords: 9 DoF, MEMS, GPRS

Abstract: The current paper describes an innovative miniature system based on MEMS inertial sensors which is capable to measure the 3D linear and 3D angular accelerations, the magnetic fields at all axes, the temperature up and down of the board by integrated analog and digital sensors and transmits the measured data by Bluetooth or GPRS link to the remote servers or devices. The integrated Bluetooth module in the GSM/GPRS modem supports hands-free profile which allows to transmit also the voice with the integrated microphone.



    40th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 2017, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ISSE.2017.8000986

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