Autors: Miletiev, R. g., Kapanakov, P. K., Yordanov, R. Y., Emil Iontchev.
Title: Hardware implementation of integrated navigation and inertial system
Keywords: navigation, inertial system

Abstract: The current paper describes an innovative navigation system based on GPS receiver and high speed 9 DoF IMU based on MEMS inertial sensors (3D linear accelerometer and 3D magnetometer and 3D gyroscope) which accomplishes the real-time read of the navigation and inertial data and write to FLASH memory. Also the system may transmit the data by Bluetooth or GPRS modem connected externally to the remote server. All systems and devices are connected to the microcontroller by independent interfaces which allows parallel read and write using interrupts which allows operating at very high speed (10 Hz for GPS receiver and 200 Hz for IMU system) to decrease significantly the inertial system errors.



    40th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 2017, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ISSE.2017.8000997

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