Autors: FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Shopov, Y. M.
Title: Generelized Approach for Calculation Electrical Losses in Semiconductor Devices
Keywords: Electrical losses, IGBT, Thyristor, Triac, Phase control, AC

Abstract: Electrical losses in semiconductor devices are key to their normal operation. They are quantified by the average active power evolved as heat in the load. The average active power is in a proportion to the square of the shape coefficient and depends on the average value of the current through the load in the form of a square function. In the present paper, analytical expressions about these two quantities for all analyzed semiconductor devices are made. A single and a pair of two IGBTs are discussed. The respective expressions for the average value of the consumed active power as a function of the firing angle  and the slake angle  of an IGBT have been worked out. An optimal correlation condition between these two angles is proposed. The paper finishes with conclusion remarks for the AC supply voltage stabilization and transformation in phase control of the average value of the AC current flowing through a load.



    XII International Conference BulEF’2020, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 978-172819439-4 / 10.1109/BulEF51036.2020.9326019

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