Autors: Serbezov, V. S.
Title: Propeller rotation speed measurement on a test stand by frequency analysis of torque-force sensor output
Keywords: propeller aerodynamic testing, rotational speed measurement

Abstract: The precise rotation speed (RPM) measurement is critical for the propeller performance evaluation on test stands. There are several contact and non-contact methods for RPM measurement, but most of them require additional equipment and complicate mechanically the test stand. Also these methods are susceptible to various disturbances and have other limitations. This paper describes the propeller rotation speed measurement by analysing the output of the torque/force sensor of the test stand. The method is practical in case the sensor possesses high sample rate capabilities. It is realized by post processing with fast Fourier transformation of the sensor data in MATLAB, but real-time realizations are also possible. Some techniques for signal noise filtering are described. Finally experimental results that verify the method are presented.



    BulTrans-2020 Conference Proceedings, pp. 10, 2020, Bulgaria, Technical University - Sofia Academic Publishing House, ISBN ISSN 1313-955X

    Вид: публикация в международен форум