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# Автор
5401 Ivanova, Y. N., Ivanov, S. C., Vasileva, E. P., Nyagolov, D. A., Control of Impulse Converter with Reverse Energy Transmission with Active Driver Circuit (2020)
5402 Ivanova, Y. N., Ivanov, S. C., LED Transmitter for Plastic Optical Fibers (2020)
5403 Ivanov, S. C., Ivanova, Y. N., Reducing Energy Losses in Realising MOSFET Control by an Active du/dt Feedback Driver (2020)
5404 Vuchev A.S., Grigorova, T. G., A Study of the Boundary Modes of an LLC DC/DC Converter Operating above Resonant Frequency (2020)
5405 Ivanov, S. C., Ivanova, Y. N., Research of the Impact of the Active Driver Circuit with a dv/dt Feedback on the Speed of a DC Motor (2020)
5406 Ferdinandov E., Pachedjieva, B. P., Bonev, B. B., Saparev Sl., Joint Influence of Heterogeneous Stochastic Factors on Bit-Error Rate of ground-to-ground Free-Space Laser Communication Systems (2007)
5407 Grigorova, T. G., Steady-State Analysis and Modified Control Technique of a Capacitor Voltage Clamped Dual Half-Bridge Series Resonant Inverter (2019)
5408 Vuchev, A. S., Grigorova, T. G., Maradzhiev, I. P., Investigation of an LLC resonant DC/DC converter with a capacitive output filter, Part I - Load Characteristics (2019)
5410 Garnevski D., Pavlova, P. E., Petrov N., A technique for automatic image sequences alignment (2018)
5411 Grigorova, T. G., Vuchev, A. S., Maradzhiev, I. P., Investigation of an LLC resonant DC/DC converter with a capacitive output filter, Part II – Design Considerations (2019)
5412 Kanev, I. T., Pavlova, P. E., Optimized linear spatial filters implemented in FPGA (2017)
5413 Павлова, П. Е., Използване на цветност като пространство за сравняване на спектри (2017)
5414 Kanev, I. T., Pavlova, P. E., Kromichev D., Genoff, J. G., Generating 2D Gaussian Kernels for the Purpose of Studying FPGA-Based Linear Spatial Filters (2016)
5415 Pavlova, P. E., Garnevski D., Koleva K., Optimization of a motion tracking and mapping method based on images of the solar corona (2016)
5416 Павлова, П. Е., Основи на компютърната графика (2016)
5417 Павлова, П. Е., Ръководство за лабораторни упражнения по основи на компютърната графика (2016)
5418 Garnevski D., Павлова, П. Е., Проучване на възможностите за дистанционно обслужване на база данни от коронографа на НАО Рожен (2015)
5419 Павлова, П. Е., Kamishev Sv., Компютърно базирано тестване на зрителна памет за цвят (2015)
5420 Vuchev A.S., Grigorova, T. G., Madankov, Y., Static Characteristics of a Phase-Shift Controlled Series Resonant DC-DC Converter (2018)
5421 Borisova E., Jeliazkova Al., Pavlova El., Troyanova P., Kundurdjiev T., Pavlova, P. E., Avramov L., Reflectance spectroscopy of pigmented cutaneous benign and malignant lesions (2014)
5422 Hrischev, R. N., Planning and implementation of the ERP system in packaging production. Practical aspects. (2018)
5423 Хрисчев, Р. Н., Разработка и внедряване на система за входящ контрол на основните суровини при производството на хартия от рециклирани материали (2018)
5424 Stoykova, E. V., Deneva, M. A., Nenchev, M. N., Analysis of Fizeau wedge with a non-air gap by plane wave expansion”, CCC code: 0277-786X/19/$21 (2019)
5425 Хрисчев, Р. Н., Специфики на ERP системите в производството на опаковки от велпапе (2019)
5426 Grigorova, T. G., Vuchev, A.S., DC characteristics of a series resonant DC/DC converter at variable-frequency control method (2018)
5427 Хрисчев, Р. Н., Характерни особености на ERP системите в производството на опаковки от велпапе (2019)
5428 Хрисчев, Р. Н., Методи за трансфер на данни в ERP системите за управление (2019)
5429 Deneva, M. A., Nenchev, M., Stoykova, E., "Combined implementation of controllable beam splitting and wavelength division multiplexing using tunable interference wedged structures” (2019)
5430 Petrova, G. I., Influence of electrode impedance changes on the common-mode rejection ratio in bioimpedance measurements (1999)
5431 Petrova, G. I., Scharfetter, H., Ninaus, W., Puswald, B., Kovachev, D., Hutten, H., Inductively coupled wideband transceiver for bioimpedance spectroscopy (IBIS) (1999)
5432 Spasova, V. G., Iliev, I. T., Petrova, G. I., Privacy preserving fall detection based on simple human silhouette extraction and a linear support vector machine (2016)
5433 Petrova, G. I., Yanev G., Spasov, G. V., Arduino based module for return electrode contact quality monitoring in the electrosurgical instruments (2017)
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5437 Ganchev, I. K., Taneva, A. M., Kutryanski, K. P., Petrov, M. G., Decoupling Fuzzy-Neural Temperature and Humidity Control in HVAC Systems (2019)
5438 Angelova, R. A., Sofronova, D. A., E-textile for non-invasive control of the body movement of bedridden patients (2021)
5439 Zlateva, M. Y., Optimization of the distance between the rows in solar collectors’ arrays (2021)
5440 Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A., A method for testing of the conductivity decay of threads for embedded wearable electronic devices in smart textiles (2020)
5442 Malamov, D. V., Hadzhiev, I. S., Zlatanova, V. G., Pavlova, A. A., Georgiev, A., Terzieva, S. D., Analysis of the operational parameters of a medium voltage cable line (2019)
5443 Marinova, M. P., Lazarov V., Comparative analysis of workflow platform in support of in silico oncology (2019)
5444 Borovska, P. I., Marinova, M. P., Tsanov, V. T., Code optimization of multiple sequence alignment software tool MSA-BG on GPU-accelerated computing infrastructures (2019)
5445 Stefanov, S. B., Georgiev A. P., Study of the technical and economic efficiency and the possibilities for the construction of photovoltaic power plant above the roof structures of transformer power substations 20/0,4 kV and their service areas (2020)
5446 Салапатева, С. Ч., Четроков, И. А., Георгиве В. И., Възможности за повишаване точността на активния контрол при струговане на ММ с ЦПУ чрез адаптивно управление на точността (2005)
5447 Hristeva, T. H., Marinova, M. P., V. Lazarov., Deep learning model for object detection (2019)
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5450 Ivanov, S. N., Elena Krusteva Kostova., Active gate drivers for mosfets with circuit for dv/dt control (2004)