Autors: Terziev, A. K., Pantaleev, Y. P., Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Possibility analysis for the use of remote reference wind measurements, in the evaluation of energy production from low complex terrains
Keywords: Wind potential, field measurements, reference measurements

Abstract: The most commonly used way to assess wind potential is to perform tall tower field measurements near the site. However, this method requires considerable financial resources and at least one year of measurement. Thus, the use of reference measurements appears to be significantly convenient way for modeling wind flow. The presented work suggests a method, which gives the possibility to estimate wind potential, by using wind data away from the site (30 km) and for low complexity of the field orography. A comparison was made, between numerical and experimental results, which shows 8.3% increase in the estimated energy production. This percentage will be increased, in the cases where the influence of the boundary layer on the measuring equipment is not taken into account.



    IEEE Proc., Proc. of “7th International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Engineering (EE&AE) – Ruse, Bulgaria”, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1109/EEAE49144.2020.9278994

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