Autors: Yordanova, S. T.
Title: Robust performance design of single input fuzzy control system for plant with time delay
Keywords: MATLAB, robust performance, single-input fuzzy controller design, time delay

Abstract: Fuzzy logic has recently gained popularity in the development of robust non-linear control convenient for real-time applications, satisfying the high-performance requirements of the control systems by dealing with data imprecision and noise. There are, however, problems in designing a unique controller that will provide system stability and desirable performance in the presence of plant model uncertainties and time delays. The aim of this investigation is to develop a simple approach for the design of an incremental PI-like single-input fuzzy controller (SI FC) that ensures a robust performance in the closed-loop system for the control of industrial plants with time delays and model uncertainties. The main results are: 1) derivation of a robust performance criterion of the SI FC system in the frequency domain, employing the Popov stability approach; 2) development of an SI FC tuning algorithm; 3) application of the design approach for the control of air temperature in a furnace.



    Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, vol. 31, issue 5, pp. 381-399, 2009, United Kingdom,

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