Autors: Popov, D. A., Fikiin, K. A., Stankov, B. N., Zlateva, M. Y.
Title: Cryogenic energy storage systems as a synergistic contributor to the cooling and heating supply of a refrigerated warehouse or food factory
Keywords: Cold store; Cryogenics; Energy; Energy storage; Food; LAES; Refrigeration; Warehousing

Abstract: Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES), and specifically Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), is a highly environmentally friendly grid-scale technology whose round-trip efficiency is still comparatively low, especially when standalone installations are employed. The EU's CryoHub Innovation Project proposes an intelligent cogeneration concept to enhance LAES efficiency and viability by direct use of released cold in a refrigerated food warehouse, instead of converting this low-temperature energy for reutilisation in a standalone unit. Recent thermodynamic studies of CES revealed a substantial potential for trigeneration, which is the major focus of the present contribution. Along with electricity and cold, sufficient excess heat exists to cover the heating demand of key unit operations in food processing and preservation industry (e.g. washing, blanching, concentration, pasteurisation, cleaning-in-place, etc.), thereby substituting fossil fuel boilers.



    Refrigeration Science and Technology, vol. 2020-August, pp. 473-481, 2020, France, DOI: 10.18462/iir.iccc.2020.298915

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