Autors: Trifonov, R. I., Nakov, O. N., Slavcho Manolov., Popov, G. I., Tsochev, G. R., Pavlova, G. V.
Title: Framework for the Development of Cybersecurity Training Programs for Students of Engineering Specialties, Related to Computer Systems and Information Technologies
Keywords: Education Continuum, Standardization, Conceptual Model, Knowledge Areas, Application Areas, Modules

Abstract: Abstract: Having in mind the unprecedented international coherence, unification and standardization of all elements of the Cyberprotection, including its crucial element – the Cybersecurity Training, the team from the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies of the Technical University of Sofia has chosen a development strategy based on: international standardization documents and, above all, NIST SP 800-16 and ENISA recommendations; the conceptual model developed by the Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education; good practices of the modular structure and dynamic building principles allowing rapid changes to the content. Based on the principles of the "Knowledge Areas" and "Application Areas", each discipline is intended to be developed as a workflow for a particular application area composed of modules representing the appropriate areas of knowledge.



    Computer and Communications Engineering, vol. 13, issue 2, pp. 65-68, 2019, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-2291

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    1. Kaloyanova, K., Mapping foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, (2020) CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2656, pp. 108-114. - 2020 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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