Autors: Yordanova, S. T., Yankov V., Jain L.
Title: MIMO fuzzy logic supervisor-based adaptive control using the example of coupled-tanks levels control
Keywords: Coupled levels, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy supervisor adaptation, Lyapunov stability, Multivariable, Real time control

Abstract: Fuzzy logic (FL) controllers (FLCs) ensure stable and robust control of multi-input multi-output (MIMO) nonlinear industrial processes with no reliable models. To respond to the plant changes and the requirements of industrial implementation a design approach is suggested for computationally simple MIMO FL supervisor-based adaptive FLCs (SAFLCs) suitable for use by programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The SAFLC consists of a main model-free MIMO FLC and a MIMO FL supervisor (FLS) for keeping desired system performance by on-line adaption of the FLC’s scaling factors. The real time plant control by the empirically designed FLC provides data for the derivation via genetic algorithms (GAs) of a transfer matrix-based Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) plant model and for its validation. The TSK plant model enables computational system sensitivity analysis for the design of the optimal structure MIMO FLS. The SAFLC is approximated to a simple PLC feasible parallel distributed compensation (PDC).



    Int. J. Innovative Comput. Inf. Control, vol. 13, issue 2, pp. 453-470, 2017, United Kingdom,

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