Autors: Yordanova, S. T.
Title: Fuzzy logic approach to coupled level control
Keywords: Coupled tanks; parallel distributed compensation; real-time level control; two-variable fuzzy logic controller; TSK plant modelling

Abstract: Liquid level in coupled tanks is difficult to control by classical techniques because the plant is nonlinear,multivariable, often with no self-regulation and no model. Fuzzy logic (FL) enables a stable and robust control by simple means and a model-free design. This paper suggests a procedure for the design of two-variable FL controllers (FLC) for the levels in a laboratory coupled-tank system.First a model-free two-variable Mamdani FLC is empirically developed and applied for real-time levels control. The plant input and output experimental data are then used for derivation via genetic algorithms of a Takagi–Sugeno–Kang (TSK) plant model needed for FLC improvement.The TSK model is validated on a different set of experimental data and used in designing of two-variable linear proportional-plus-integral (PI)controller and parallel distributed compensation with local linear PI controllers. The performance of the systems with the designed controllers is compare in real-time levels control.



    Syst. Sci. & Control Eng., vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 215–222, 2016, United Kingdom,

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