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# Автор
9801 Matanov, N. S., Stoev, P. I., Nankinsky, P. N., Sample Solutions for Digitization of Distribution Substations (2023)
9802 Milenov, V. A., Zarkov, Z. J., Application of Hybrid Inverters in Photovoltaic Systems (2023)
9803 Nikolov, L. A., Aleksieva-Petrova, A. P., Action Research on the DevSecOps Pipeline (2023)
9804 P, I. C., I, D. D., Difference Between Measured and Real Value in Illuminance Estimation (2023)
9805 Маринова, М. П., Пардо, Е. Х., Програмиране на съвременни хетерогенни архитектури (2023)
9806 Milenov, V. A., Zarkov, Z. J., Modeling of Photovoltaic Systems for Self-Consumption (2023)
9807 Stoytcheva, B. D., Nenova, M. V., Hristov, M. H., Valkova-Jarvis, Z. V., Balabanov, G. R., A specifics overview of Systems for monitoring security events in different areas (2023)
9808 Плешкова-Бекярска, С. Г., Ръководство за лабораторни упражнения по основи на видео- и аудиотехнологиите (аудиотехнологии) (2023)
9809 Todorova, T. P., Control of N87 Mn-Zn Ferrite Permeability Using Externally Applied Static Magnetic Field (2023)
9810 Todorova, T. P., Large Signal Complex Permeability for Design and Simulation of Power Electronics Circuits (2023)
9812 Arnaudov, D. D., Todorova, T. P., Dimitrov, V. V., Study of Converters for Energy Storage Systems in Parallel Operation of Modules or Elements (2023)
9813 Стоянов, А. С., Анализ на взможностите и предизвикателствата за внедряване на устойчиви практики във веригите на доставки на текстилната индустрия (2023)
9814 Hristov, V. D., Slavov, D. V., Stand For Research And Optimization Of DC Electric Drives With Digital Program Control (2023)
9815 Ivanov, I. I., Atanasov, K. T., Kostov, K. V., The analysis of the energy index and the application of equivalent distillation productivity as criteria for identification of the energy efficiency of a petroleum refinery (2023)
9816 Танева, А. М., N. Muskinja., B.Tovornik., Петров, М. Г., FPID controller: Real time application (2004)
9817 Slavov, T. N., Mitov, A. S., Kralev, J. K., Angelov, I. I., LQ/H∞ Filter Control of Axial-Piston Pump (2023)
9818 Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N., Robust μ-Controller for Automatic Glucose Regulation for Type I Diabetes Mellitus (2023)
9819 Slavov, T. N., Kralev, J. K., Petkov, P. H., Multi-Output Identification and Robust Control of a Two-Wheeled Robot (2023)
9820 Dimova, G. T., Evaluation of metal ageing of Reactor Pressure Vessels in a Nuclear Power Plant under the influence of ageing mechanisms and environmental conditions (2023)
9821 Brusev, T. S., Velchev, Y. S., Petkov, P. Z., Design of Power Supply Circuit for Measurements of Geomagnetically Induced Currents in Power Networks (2023)
9822 Velchev, Y. S., Petkov, P. Z., Brusev, T. S., A Web-based Antenna Positioning System with Application in Radio Astronomy (2023)
9823 Dimitrova, R. K., Dimitrov, S. B., Nikolov, S. N., Lazarova I. A., Design and programming of a cutting nozzle in an automated seeding, watering and chemical treatment system (2023)
9824 Дюкенджиев, Г. К., Йорданов, Р. С., Контрол и управление на качеството (2023)
9825 Stoilov, V. M., Slavchev, S. S., Maznichki, V. Y., Purgic, S. -., Method for Theoretical Assessment of Safety against Derailment of New Freight Wagons (2023)
9826 Valkovski, T. I., Dimitrov, K. L., Use of Optical Methods for Detecting Low Frequency Sounds (2023)
9827 Valkovski, T. I., Saliev, D. N., Damyanov, I. S., Distributed Thermal Scanners for Detecting Changes in Grasslands (2023)
9828 Дюкенджиев, Г. К., Христов, М. Х., Пневмо-електронни измервателни средства за геометрични величини (2023)
9829 Christoff, N. V., Neshov, N. N., Tonchev, К., Manolova, A. H., Application of a 3D Talking Head as Part of Telecommunication AR, VR, MR System: Systematic Review (2023)
9830 Pleshkova, S. G., Self-driving car control model extension with voice commands control (2023)
9831 Ratayov, N. S., Dobriov, D. D., Omar, S. B., Particularities for selection of measuring transformers (2021)
9832 Tenchev, I. A., Dobrilov, D. D., Uzunov, V. N., System for utilisation of excess electrical energy generated from a renewable power source (2022)
9833 Omar, S. B., Dobrilov, D. D., Particularities in the calculation of the relay protection settings of MV motors driving compressors (2022)
9834 Добрилов, Д. Д., Компенсиране на реактивна капацитивна енергия в разпределителни мрежи - второ издание (2018)
9835 Добрилов, Д. Д., Компенсиране на реактивна капацитивна енергия в разпределителни мрежи - трето издание (2020)
9836 Angelova, R. A., Sofronova, D. A., Stankov, P. Y., Velichkova, R. T., Markov, D. G., Air permeability and moisture content of medical masks after wearing (2023)
9837 Petrov, P. P., Kralov, I. M., Modelling and Feedback Control for Reversing a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Platoon (2023)
9838 Sabev, S. T., Kasabov, P. P., Bakardzhiev, V. J., Chukalov, K. S., Influence of Adding Polypropylene(PP) into Polyethylene (PE) on Mechanical Properties of Geocells (2023)
9839 Sabev, S. T., Kasabov, P. P., Chukalov, K. S., Bakardzhiev, V. J., Determination of the Dynamic Modulus of Linear Deformations of Reinforced Highly Filled Polymer Concrete Composites During Curing (2023)
9840 Bakardzhiev, V. J., Sabev, S. T., Kasabov, P. P., Chukalov, K. S., Research into 3D Printing Layer Adhesion in ABS Materials (2023)
9841 Bakardzhiev, V. J., Sabev, S. T., Chukalov, K. S., Kasabov, P. P., Research into the Accuracy of Holes in 3D Printing Using Taguchi Method (2023)
9842 Mesbah, A., Roshanian, R., Ginchev, D. G., A Modified Model - Reference Adaptive Control Scheme for Airplane Landing (2023)
9843 Matsankov, M. I., Petrov, S. P., Study of the Short-circuit Currents in Branches of a Single-loop Network with Connected Decentralized Energy Sources (2023)
9845 Петрова-Спасова, Г. И., Ръководство за семинарни упражнения по Цифрова схемотехника (2023)
9846 Georgieva, M. G., Lazarova, D., Petrova, M., Dobreva, Ek., Selection of a suitable environmentally friendly (non-toxic) etching solution in the electroless metallization of ABS polymers (2023)
9847 Taneva, A. M., Petrov, M., Ganchev,I., Hybrid PID Control Algorithms for Nonlinear Process Control (2011)
9848 Aravena-Cifuentes A. P., Nuñez-Gonzalez J. D., Elola A., Ivanova, M. S., Development of AI-Based Tools for Power Generation Prediction (2023)
9849 Georgieva, V. M., Gardeva V., Adaptive algorithm for CT images enhancement to improve the diagnosis of lung diseases (2023)
9850 Chukalov, k. s., Sabev, S. T., Investigation on durability testing of polyethylene (PE) geocells (2023)