Autors: Iatcheva, I. I., Darzhanova, D. P.
Title: Parametric 3D FEM Analysis of an Iron-Cored Coil Thermal Properties
Keywords: 3DFEM analysis,iron-cored coil,parametric study,thermal prop

Abstract: The paper presents parametric analysis of the thermal properties of an iron-cored coil using 3D FEM modelling. The investigated sample belongs to low power transformer or chokes device’s family. The assembly includes a coil wounded on a spool and a laminated EI-type ferromagnetic core. The investigation is focused on how the thermal resistances, presented in the equivalent scheme for the device temperature analyses, depend on geometrical parameters and thermal properties of materials involved.



    18th Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, ELMA 2023, 2023, Bulgaria, ISBN: 979-835031127-3 / DOI: 10.1109/ELMA58392.2023.10202395

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