2024 XXXIII International Scientific Conference "Electronics ET2024"

17 - 19 September 2024



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Technical Тracks
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Biomedical Engineering

Bioengineering and Mechatronics Applications in Life Sciences
Computer-aided Diagnosis in Healthcare
Health on the Web
e-Health and Wearable IoT
Smart Medical Systems

Track Chairs:
Ivo Iliev – Bulgaria
Irena Jekova – Bulgaria
Vessela Krasteva  – Bulgaria

Circuits and Systems

Electronic Circuits Analysis and Design
Computer Modelling and Applications
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Modelling & Simulation of Systems
HDL or High Level Language Hardware Design
System-on-chip Design
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Optical Fiber Communications
Lasers and Electro-Optics
Circuits and Systems for Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Lighting Technologies

Track Chairs:
Emil Manolov – Bulgaria
Ivaylo Pandiev – Bulgaria
Tsvetana Grigorova
– Bulgaria

Education, Learning Technologies and Human Resources Development

Educational Tools
Continuous & Distance Learning
Educational Materials and Methods
Learning by Doing & Experimental Learning
Information and Communication Technologies in Laboratories
Engineering Education 4.0
University - Industry Collaboration
Entrepreneurship and Management
Intelligent Finance
Economics & Business Models
Human Resource Development
Ergonomics and Social Factor

Track Chairs:
Rossen Radonov – Bulgaria
Tanichka Vasileva – Bulgaria
Katya Asparuhova – Bulgaria

Embedded Systems

Distributed Control Systems for Industrial Applications
Industrial Informatics
Industrial Network Design
Internet in Industry 4.0
Industrial Internet of Things
ML and Big Data
Cloud Computing
Cyber Physical Production Systems
Cyber Securit
Intelligent Environment
Building Management and Automation

Track Chairs:
Grisha Spasov – Bulgaria
Jeroen Boydens – Belgium
Nikolay Kakanakov – Bulgaria

Instrumentation and Measurement

Advances in Measurement Theory and Metrology
Data Acquisition Systems
Sensors and Sensing Systems,
Networked Sensing and Control
Mechatronics and Robotics
Measurement and Control for Automobile Systems
Process and Factory Automation
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Smart Agriculture
Radiation Measurements and Applications
Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Generation

Track Chairs:
Marin Marinov – Bulgaria
Stefan Hensel – Germany
Georgi Nikolov – Bulgaria


Electronic Components
Advanced Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing
Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics
Electronic Packaging

Track Chairs:
George Angelov – Bulgaria
Stoyan Nihtianov – The Netherlands
Elitsa Gieva – Bulgaria

Nanoelectronics and Technologies in Electronics

Smart Actuators and Materials
Micro- and Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement
Composite and Polymer Materials

Track Chairs:
Ivaylo Zhivkov – Czech Republic
Igor Vrublevsky – Belarus
Mariya Aleksandrova
 – Bulgaria

Power Electronics

Power Electronics Modelling
Simulation and Design
DC/DC  Conversion
AC/AC Converters
Renewable Electric Energy Conversion
Energy Storage Technologies
Power Quality
Utility Applications
Microgrid & Smart Grid
Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Track Chairs:
Nikolay Hinov – Bulgaria
Darius Andriukaitis – Lithuania
Dimitar Arnaudov – Bulgaria
Nikolay Madzharov – Bulgaria

Testing, Quality and Reliability

Electromagnetic Compatibility
Thermal and Vibrations Issues
Lifecycle Management
Safety and Reliability
Quality Management & Assurance
Occupational Health & Safety

Track Chairs:
Anna Stoynova – Bulgaria
Anton Georgiev – Bulgaria
Ivan Evstatiev – Bulgaria

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