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The 13th Summer school for Advanced Aspects of Theoretical Electrical Engineering is an accompanying event that needs an additional registration. Please, go to your "log in" page and click on the "accompanying events" tab above and then click on the square in the "Register" field.

    The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the 13th Summer School of Theoretical Electrical Engineering, May 29th - May 31st, 2020 , part of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF AUTOMATICS, organized by the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Automatics at the Technical University of Sofia. . It is held under the auspices of the International Symposium on Theoretical Electrical Engineering (ISTET) and is a regular event of ISTET.

   The summer school will feature the latest developments in theoretical electrical engineering from internationally renowned professors and associate professors. The purpose of the school is to acquaint the doctoral students and the assistants with the fields of development and the forthcoming problems for solving in the electrical engineering. The other aim of the school is to create closer relations between universities in Europe.

    In addition to the summer school, a scientific conference will be held, including a poster presentation of the author's scientific publications. Authors wishing to participate are invited to submit articles related to the topic of the conference.

   The official language of the conference is English.

In order to participate in the event you need to:
1. Register for teh coneference using the Registration tab on the left nad filling in the required information.
2. After logging in and if you are ready to upload your manuscript, go to "Your manuscripts" and fill in the fields and upload your manuscript(use the Author's kit) . In the field 'Section" choose "Theoretical Electrical Engineering".  When  ready click the Save button at the bottom.
3. From the tabs above go to "Äccompanying events" and click the square in the Register column.

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