Autors: Velchev, A. P., Danova, V., Papazov, Y.
Title: Computer Methods for Graphical Presentation of Solutions of Systems of Trigonometric Equations for Advanced Students
Keywords: Systems of Trigonometric Equations of Two Variables, computer methods, mathematical software, heuristics, “computer” proofs

Abstract: The mathematics activities of the students and the people in the real life will be more and more characterized by implementation of computer methods, mathematical software, more heuristics and “computer” proofs. The mathematics curriculum for schools needs gradual modernization of its content and teaching methods in this direction. We consider several Systems of Trigonometric Equations of Two Variables (STETV), solve them graphically by a PC and comment them. There is a lack of graphical solving of equations and graphical presentation of data and Boolean statements in our curriculum. But our work is also applicable to the current curriculum in Bulgaria and can enrich it. The idea to develop methods for graphical presentation of statements as “these two STETV are equivalent” or “the solutions of the STETV … are …” came to us during a didactics experiment on graphical solving of trigonometric equations, when we realized that such problem is not a standard one. Y. Papazov had solved a ST



    Proceedings of MICOM 2009, pp. 205-212, 2009, Macedonia, Union of Mathematicians of North Macedonia

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