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Autors: Mladenov, V. M., Kirilov S.M.
Title: Syntheses of a PSpice Model of a Titaniumdioxide Memristor and Wien Memristor generator
Keywords: Keywords—titanium-dioxide memristor; PSpice model; linear drift model; memristor Wien oscillator

Abstract: In this paper a PSpice model of the equivalent circuit of the titanium-dioxide memristor’s is presented based on the current-voltage relationship. By use of this model a Wien memristor generator is created. The oscillator circuit is analyzed and the basic time diagrams are given. The phase portrait of the system is also presented. The regulation of the output voltage magnitude and of the frequency is realized by changing the memristor states. In the end, some concluding remarks associated with the tolerances of possible changing of memristor parameters with respect to the operation of the Wien memristor are given.


    European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD) 2013, 2013, Germany,

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