Autors: Tzvetkova, S. G., Klaassens B.
Title: Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Application
Keywords: preventive maintenance, reliability, maintainability, distribution, failure, lifetime

Abstract: Preventive maintenance procedures are scheduled actions carried out to either minimize the chance of a failure or to improve the reliability of the system. In many cases, the failure rate is increasing with time, so preventive maintenance restores the system to a state with a lower failure rate. The question is how often preventive maintenance should be scheduled. This paper is presents an algorithm to determine the probability density functions of time-to-failure and recovery time and the reliability and maintainability functions of electrical equipment. In order to schedule preventive maintenance the following preventive maintenance models are discussed: a constant interval replacement/repair model and a replacement/repair at predetermined age model. Depending on the type of electrical equipment - its complexity, its function in the production process, a cost minimization criterion or downtime minimization criterion is used.


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6th IFAC Symposium on Cost Oriented Automation (Low Cost Automation 2001), pp. 3-8, 2001, Germany, Elsevier Ltd., ISSN 0962-9505

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