Autors: Dolchinkov R. S., Galabov, V. B., Nikolov, N. L., Latinovic V. N.
Title: Synthesis of Hypocycloidal Gears
Keywords: Hypocycloidal Gears, Synthesis, Gear Trains, Mechanisms

Abstract: The article presents the results of analytical study of hypocycloidal gearsets, generated by a known compound pinion consisting of a hub and cylindrical teeth that meshes with hypocycloidal gear with internal teeth; the number of teeth of the pinion being for one smaller than the number of teeth the hypocycloidal gear. Two gearsets are synthesized in which the compound pinion has been replaced by an integral pinion with tooth profile generated by an external and internal envelope resulting from successive positions of tooth profile of the hypocycloidal gear according to the conjugate action of the two in the plane perpendicular to the axes of centrodes.



    Proceedings of 2003 CCToMM Symposium on Mechanisms, Machines and Mechatronics, May 30, 2003, the Canadian Space Agency, Saint-Hubert (Montréal), Quebec, Canada., pp. 1-7., 2003, Canada,

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