Autors: Ivanov, V. V., Dimitrov, L. V., Aleksandrov, A. S., Popov, A., B., Kolker, A., Pershina, Z., Rashid, A., Bdiwi, M.
Title: Bin Picking Pneumatic-Mechanical Gripper for Industrial Manipulators
Keywords: gripper, bin picking, vision analysis

Abstract: This works focuses on developing a self-learning robotic system which can replicate the human learning capabilities in a handing-over task. The proposed system consists of two sub-modules: 1) Vision analysis and environment monitoring, which provides accurate global and local information about the area in which the robot has to hand over the specific object; 2) Safe and flexible bin-picking gripper, which handles various objects with complex geometries. The work is a consortium of 3 partners: IWU Chemnitz (Germany), Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia) and Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) under European program ERA.Net RUS PLUS 2017



    , 2021, Bulgaria,

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