Autors: Mladenov, G. D., Saliev, D. N., Abdurahman H.,I.
Title: Integrated brake disc temperature measurement system
Keywords: Brakes, Emissivity, Thermography, Vehicles, Braking performa

Abstract: The braking efficiency of vehicles is an important indicator guaranteeing high traffic safety. One of the determining parameters for achieving maximum braking efficiency is the temperature of the elements of the braking system. Achieving the maximum braking performance the temperature of the parts of the braking system must be maintained in the optimal range, any deviation from this range results in a deterioration of the braking performance of the vehicle, which influences the safety of the traffic. The temperature of the brake discs is one of the critical variables of the system, so it is essential to monitor the temperature variation during the movement of the car. The present study aims to develop an integrated system for monitoring the temperature of the brake discs while the vehicle is moving. Through the implementation of such a system in an experimental car, a research database will be formed for the change of the temperature of the brake discs at different speeds and modes.



    10th International Scientific Conference “TechSys 2021” – ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS, 2021, Bulgaria,

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