Autors: Mirjanić, V.M., Mirjanić, D.M., Kovač, P. K., Ješić, D.J., Rodić, D. R., Kalitchin, Zh. K., Kandeva, M. K.
Title: Use of artificial intelligence anfis metod for determination of bracket debonding forces between the two different adhesives
Keywords: adhesives, orthodontic bracket, debonding, stretch system, C

Abstract: Fixed technique for applying brackets would be impossible without using adhesives for their fixation to the tooth enamel. However, the use of adhesives entails a number of problems which are a consequence of their imperfection, besides the fact that they have been actually applied for a number of decades already. The paper will analyze the debonding force values for bracket-tooth interface by using Con Tec LC and, Con Tec Duo. For comparative analysis of the strength of bracket-tooth interface, with the application of different types of adhesives, 80 extracted teeth of the frontal region were used (central, lateral incisor teeth and canines of the upper and lower tooth arch). For the debonding process of applied orthodontics brackets, single-axial Stretch system for examination of tissues was applied to determine the value of the force necessary to separate the bracket from tooth surface, i.e. it was used to test debonding force.



    Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol. 22, issue 1, pp. 314-326, 2021, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd, ISSN 1311-5065

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