Autors: Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Automated System for Complex Non-Destructive Testing of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mechanical Engineering Materials
Keywords: complex non-destructive testing, non-destructive information

Abstract: An automated system with two optimized modular devices is presented—MULTITEST-MC010 for research of ferromagnetic materials with the methods for measuring magnetic noise and magneto acoustic emission of Barkhausen and MULTITEST—CD010 for research of mechanical engineering materials with the methods of velocity measurement of longitudinal waves C and attenuation coefficient of ultrasound. The main approaches and principles for the automated data processing of complex non-destructive testing are presented, as well as the setup of the modular devices of the automated system. For approbation of the system the influence of the heat treatment (hardness) in structural steel 40X on the non-destructive information parameters of the magnetic noise and the magneto acoustic emission—magnetic noise voltage EBN and voltage of the magneto acoustic emission EMAE was studied.



    Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing, vol. 57, issue 3, pp. 203 – 211, 2021, Russia, Pleiades Publishing, ISSN1061-8309/DOI:10.1134/S1061830921030074

    Copyright Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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