Autors: Angelov, I. A.
Title: Dynamic Studies on Blade of Wind Turbine Generator, Taking into Account Aerodynamic Interaction with Non-Homogeneous, Non-Stationary Wind Field
Keywords: Wind turbine, CFD, aerodynamics, Dynamic ressponse, Vibrations

Abstract: The purpose of the current study is to evaluate the dynamic behavior of the blade of a high class wind turbine generator taking into account aerodynamic interaction with nonhomogeneous, non-stationary wind field. In order to accomplish this task, classical Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory has been adapted, taking into consideration the effects of the vertical wind speed gradient. A non-homogeneous, non-stationary wind field has been modeled, taking the wind velocity as a function of time and altitude. Based on the modified BEM theory and the wind model, a numerical algorithm has been developed for evaluating the parameters of the aerodynamic interaction of the nonhomogeneous, non-stationary fluid field with the turbine disk of NREL 5 MW wind turbine generator. Mechanical-mathematical model of the wind turbine blade has been developed in order to analyze the dynamics of the structures, subjected to external influence by the non-homogeneous, non-stationary fluid field. The obtained r



    , 2020, Bulgaria, Engineering Sciences LVII(4), DOI 10.7546/EngSci.LVII.20.04.03

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