Autors: KarlovaSergieva, V. A.
Title: Conditional Feedback Control of Second-Order Process
Keywords: Conditional Feedback, Forming Element, Robust and Transient Performance, Insensitivity

Abstract: Conditional feedback control systems reduce the sensitivity to changes in the parameters of the control plant in terms of control transient performance. They are known as passive adaptation systems. The main difference with other control systems with an internal model control systems is the presence of a forming element in their structural implementation. The application of conditional feedback control for the control of thermal process leads to energy savings as the parameters of the PID (proportional integral derivative) controller algorithm are tuned for "worst case scenario" control plant.



    , 6th International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications EFEA2021, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE 978-1-7281-7011-4/a20/$31.00©2020 European Union

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