Autors: Spasov, I. G., Gerova, G. G., Filipov, K. B., Grigorov, A. D., Kolev N. P.
Title: Simulation and integrated uncertainty analysis of the OECD/NEA V1000CT2 vessel mixing problem with RELAP/SCDAPSIM mod3.5
Keywords: V1000CT2, multi-1D models, uncertainty analysis

Abstract: The paper presents validation results for multi-1D thermal-hydraulic models with RELAP/SCDAPSIM mod3.5 used for pseudo-3D reactor vessel simulation. The main objective is to test the capabilities and limitations of such calculation models to represent the vessel mixing phenomena in a VVER-1000. The test case is from Phase 2 of the OECD/NEA VVER-1000 coolant transient benchmark (V1000CT-2) and includes the calculation of an asymmetric vessel thermal-hydraulic transient caused by a steam generator isolation leading to heat-up of the disturbed loop. The considered 3D thermal-hydraulic transient in the reactor vessel is relevant to the initial part of VVER-1000 main steam line break scenarios from hot full power. The task is to solve a reactor vessel boundary condition problem with given initial and boundary thermal-hydraulic conditions and to calculate the fuel assembly inlet temperatures in the final state, the formation of the disturbed sector at the core inlet, the angular shift of th



    Proceedings of the 46th International Conference “Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics”, vol. 2333, issue 1, pp. 090026-1 / 16, 2021, United States, AIP Publishing,

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