Autors: Damyanov, D. A., Galabov, V. T.
Title: Some effects of the assumption of all-pole filter, used to describe processes of type “pulse sourse - filter”, on the properties of the generatd signal
Keywords: “pulse source – filter” model of speech production, speech communication in control systems.

Abstract: In practice, when analysing, processing and generating signals, it is often assumed, that the process is of type “pulse source - filter”. For determination of the parameters of the filter many methods exist, most of which require the assumption of linear, all-pole model of the filter. From the 50-s on, many computational effective algorithms have been created. Their complexity is almost an order smaller compared to those, using other models of the filter. In frequency domain the all-pole filter describes very well the processes. In most of the practical solutions it has became classics, and what follows is his application for other purposes. In this paper, some general properties in the application of linear all-pole filter and pulse-source for generating of periodical signal are reviewed. These properties explain some phenomena of the modelled real process and give better interpretation for the constraints, which come out from the implementation of such model.


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1st International Conference on Telecommunications and Remote Sensing, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 139-145, 2012, Bulgaria, SciTePress - Science and Technology Publications, ISBN 978-989-8565-28-0

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