Autors: Stoykova, E. V., Deneva, M. A., Nenchev, M. N.
Title: Analysis of Fizeau wedge with a non-air gap by plane wave expansion”, CCC code: 0277-786X/19/$21
Keywords: Fizeau wedge, plane wave expansion, fringe pattern, transmission

Abstract: The optical interferential wedge or Fizeau wedge (FW) is a useful optical element with various applications in optical metrology, spectroscopy and laser technique. Various FW applications require knowledge of its response to illumination by a laser beam with an arbitrary wavefront. Recently, we applied the plane wave expansion method to study transmission and reflection of an air-gap FW under illumination with a Gaussian beam. The approach is based on the angular spectrum of the beam and the known FW response to illumination with a plane wave. In this study, we adapt this approach for the more general and more frequently encountered case of a FW with a non-air gap. We developed an approximate algorithm, which is applicable at small incidence angles to wedges with refractive indices different from 1 and illuminating beams with arbitrary amplitude and phase distributions. Comparison to the experiment is also provided.


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SPIE, vol. 11207, pp. 112071V-1-6, 2019, United States, The International Society for Optics and Photonics,

Copyright © (2019) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

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