Autors: G, N. P.
Title: Studying an axial generator with rotating magnets in its stator windings
Keywords: axial, generator, rotating, magnets, permanent

Abstract: An axial generator with modified construction has been considered here, with rotating magnets in its stator windings. Simulation by the finite elements method Femm 4.2 has been carried out and both the distribution of the magnetic induction and the induced e.m.f. in one stator winding have been obtained. A model in OrCAD has been created, by means of which the phase voltage on an active load has been simulated and then compared to the experimentally measured phase voltage. A scheme of a voltage doubler has also been simulated in OrCAD and the obtained phase voltage has been compared to the measured rectified voltage. The obtained models simulate with good precision the operation of the studied generator.



    Journal of The Technical University Sofia, Branch Plovdiv “Fundamental Sciences and Applications”, vol. Vol. 24, pp. 71-74, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1310 – 8271

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