Autors: Dakova, A., Dakova, D., Andreeva, Z., Georgieva, D. A., Slavchev, V., Kovachev, L.
Title: Four-photon parametric mixing in CW and pulse regimes in single mode optical fibers
Keywords: Self-phase modulation, Cross-phase modulation, Parametric fo

Abstract: The process of four photon parametric mixing can be used to convert the input laser sources, working in CW and pulse regimes, into light at several different frequencies. The problem with the generation of new frequencies on distances less than one coherent length in the process of parametric four-photon mixing was solved in approximation of fixed electric field of the pump wave. The idea of our research is to solve the more general problem in which it is taken into account the mutual action of the first and second order of dispersion and all real χ(3) nonlinear processes on the parametric four-photon mixing. In CW regime the solutions of the problem, presented above, was solved in the form of Jacobi elliptic functions. In pulse regime we found optimal conditions, where the process of energy exchange is still effective. In this regime a quasi-periodic conversion is observed and group velocity difference between the pump and signal wave is compensated by nonlinear mechanisms.


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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. International Conference on Quantum, Nonlinear, and Nanophotonics 2019, ICQNN 2019; Sofia; Bulgaria; 2 September 2019 through 5 September 2019, vol. 11332, issue 2019, pp. Article number 113320H, 2019, Bulgaria, SPIE, DOI 10.1117/12.2553231

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