Autors: Andonova, A. V., Aleksandrov A., Peichev K., Georgiev R.
Title: Thermography evaluation of a biorector’s heat loss to surrounding environment
Keywords: thermography, heat losses, anaerobic bioreactor

Abstract: The thermal losses of a bioreactor have to be compensated for the fermentation process maintenance (the temperature first of all). In order to decrease consumption heat by the bioreactor and to make up for thermal losses, heat insulation has been performed. In this paper, a non-contact and nondestructive thermography qualification of the thermal losses and evaluation of the heat insulation’s quality for an anaerobic bioreactor is offered. By using software Researcher a thermography analysis for three different cases (without compensated heat losses; with one layer of thermal insulation; with two layers thermal insulation) is carried out. The received results show the advantages of the used approach for the qualification of different kinds of heat insulations.



    Electronics and Communication, vol. 62, issue 3, pp. 181-184, 2011, Ukraine, ISBN ISSN 1811-4512, UDC 614

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    1. Malinowski M., Religa A., Szul T., Wołtosz P., Łukasiewicz M. (2019) The Assessment of Thermal Insulation of Bioreactors for an Aerobic Biostabilization of Waste. In: Krakowiak-Bal A., Vaverkova M. (eds) Infrastructure and Environment. Springer, Cham, ISBN 978-3-030-16541-3, DOI: - 2019 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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