Autors: P. Tashev., H. Kondov., E. Tasheva., Kandeva, M. K.
Title: Study On Hardness And Wear Resistance Of Layers Overlayed Using Electrodes With Nanomodified
Keywords: electrode, manual arc welding, nano-modifier, weld overlay,

Abstract: Developed is innovative manufacture technology for electrodes nano-modified with TiN, Al2O3, SiC, TiCN+C, TiN+Cr, and TiCN purposed for weld overlay of wear resistant surface layers. Test samples are cladded using the manufactured electrodes. Vickers hardness and wear resistance of the overlayd metal are measured The resulting variations of hardness and wear resistance are analyzed in relation with the nature of nano-modifier used. The application area of nano-modified electrodes is for both preventive and repair weld overlay.



    International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, vol. 69, issue 4, pp. 01–06, 2015, Pakistan, ISBN ISSN2305-8269

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