Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Ivanova, B. V., V. Pozhidaeva., D. Karastoyanov., J. Javorova.
Title: Composite Coatings To Improve Durability Of The Working Body Of The Drill
Keywords: tribology, coatings, composite materials, abrasion wear resi

Abstract: The paper presents study and experimental results of the abrasive wear and wear-resistance of coatings deposited by the HVOF technology using powder compositions with matrices of Fe, Ni, W and Al2O3+TiO2. Non-linear relationship has been established between the average wear and the friction path (time duration). An exception is observed for coatings with tungsten matrix which have shown the highest wear-resistance under conditions of abrasive wear compared with all other studied coatings. The fact has been confirmed that the wear-resistance of coatings is not a constant value with the time duration of friction and wear maintaining equal other parameters – nominal contact pressure, sliding velocity, and parameters of the environment. This can be explained with the variation of the number of contact spots depending on the presence of different components in the composite coating under regimes of running-in and stationary friction.



    World Tribology Congress 2013, pp. 1251, 2013, Italy, ISBN ISBN: 978-1-63439-352-2.

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