Autors: L. Lakov., Kandeva, M. K., P. Tsonev., V. Vasilev., B. Jivov., M. Aleksandrova., K. Toncheva., N. Stoimenov.
Title: Production Of Prototypes Of “Yellow Paving Stones” In Bulgaria Part II: Tribological And Mechanical Indicators
Keywords: petrugical material, static friction, wear resistance

Abstract: Under semi-industrial conditions prototypes of street paving stones of equivalent yellow colour and identical dimensions to the so-called “yellow paving stones” from the center of Sofia, were produced. The specimens produced by the working team have a higher coefficient of static friction against different counter bodies under both dry and wet conditions and a higher wear resistance than that of the reference articles. The newly produced specimens are characterized by a surface porosity of about 80 times smaller and water absorption of 19 times lower than those of to the original paving stones. The following characteristics are obtained: a compressive strength of 2900 kg/cm2 - 3000 kg/cm2, a wear resistance of 0,05 g/cm2, micro-hardness of 760 kg/mm2 - 800 kg/mm2 and a thermal resistance of 30 heat cycles of air of a temperature varying from 500°C to 20°C.



    Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, vol. 53, issue 6, pp. 1150-1156, 2018, Bulgaria, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1314-7471 (print), ISSN 1314-7978 (on line)

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