Autors: Perev, K. L.
Title: A simple method for orthogonal polynomial approximation of linear time-varying system gramians”
Keywords: linear systems, regular impulse response, adjoint impulse response

Abstract: Публикацията е представена на: 7th IFAC Symposium on System Structure and Control, Sinaia, Romania, 2019. Cite Score 1.6; SJR: 0.332; SNIP 0.552; Abstract. This paper considers the problem of reachability and observability gramian computation for linear time-varying systems. Both gramians are obtained by using system trajectories. The reachability gramian is computed from the state impulse response and the observability gramian is obtained from the output response. The relation with the linear time invariant case is discussed and the general theory of linear time varying systems is shortly presented and the role of the transient matrix for solving the linear state equation is shown. The role of the adjoint system is also discussed and the two basic impulse characteristics, namely the regular and the adjoint state impulse responses are presented.



    IFAC PapersOnLine, vol. vol. 52, pp. , pp. 25-30, 2019, Netherlands, Elsevier Ltd., ISBN ISSN 2405 8963

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