Autors: Angelova, J. S., Borisova, S. V.
Title: Personel Motivation in Industrial Enterprises Through Bonus System with Additional Remuneration
Keywords: Motivation; Personnel; Remuneration; Bonus system; Industrial Enterprises.

Abstract: In the report, the authors examine staff motivation through bonus-based supplementary remuneration. Some of the more basic models for bonus systems and how they would affect the reduction of staff turnover, increase of labor productivity, etc., have been researched and presented. The authors analyzed and determined that when the staff motivation system is precisely developed and implemented, it can be an effective tool for increasing the end results and revenues of each industrial enterprise. In this regard, conclusions have been drawn that, in order for a bonus system to be effective, the incentive and needs ratio should be monitored and changed periodically.


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II International Scientific Conference, pp. pp.241-246, 2019, Serbia, Zbornik Radova Book of Proceeding, ISBN ISBN 978-86-900497-1-4

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