Autors: Kandeva, M. K., T. Penyashki., G. Kostadinov., Zh. Kalichin.
Title: Abrasive and Erosion Wear of Composite NiCrSiB Coatings Inflicted with Subsonic Flammable Structure Through a Cold Process
Keywords: Tribology, Abrasive Wear, Erosive Wear, Coatings

Abstract: Ni-Cr-B-Si alloys are commonly used in the thermal spraying of steels. Despite their widespread use, their role in protecting metal surfaces from wear is not yet fully clarified. In order to obtain data and understanding of the wear and wear resistance of these coatings, the present work is studied the characteristics of the abrasive and erosive wear of new Ni-Cr-B-Si composite coatings applied by means of a sonic flame jet when heating the substrate to 180 °C (cold process). The powdered compositions used contain particles with an average size of 40 μm and a different percentage of the chemical elements. The abrasion wear is investigated using the thumb-disc pattern for dry surface friction with rigidly attached abrasive particles. Erosion wear is investigated by the interaction of air-jet coatings carrying abrasion particles. All samples in abrasion and erosion are tested under the same contact conditions.



    IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 724, issue 1201, 2020, Romania, IOP Publishing, doi:10.1088/1757-899X/724/1/012014ISSN:1757-8981/

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