Autors: S. Alaci., Zh. Kalitchin., Kandeva, M. K., F. C. Ciornei.
Title: Method and Device for the Study of Damping of Environmental Friendly Foam Type Materials
Keywords: polyurethane foams, dynamic model, experimental set-up, hyst

Abstract: Polyurethane foams are broadly used in various applications, from domestic items to aero-spatial and medical devices. Knowledge of the damping characteristics of the materials is a necessity, both for the classic ones who due to ageing suffer changes of behaviour and for the newly developed, eco-friendly materials. In the present work, the polyurethane foam is modelled as an assembly between a nonlinear elastic element and a dashpot, in parallel. This material is subjected to impact by the metallic bob of a mathematical pendulum. For the completed dynamic system, the mathematical model is developed for finding the characteristic parameter of damping. There are also presented the experimental methods for achieving the constants from the dynamical equation of the model: the elastic parameters of static loading, the impact velocity and the coefficient of restitution.



    Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol. 21, issue 4, pp. 1298-1313, 2020, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd., ISBN ISSN: 1311-5065

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