Autors: Kostadinov G., Penyashki T., Petrzhik M., Kudryashov A., Kandeva, M. K., Elenov B., Dimitrova E., Mortev I.
Title: Elimination of Irregularities and Defects on Steel Surfaces Through Electro Spark Surface Modification with Aluminum Alloys
Keywords: coatings, еlectrical spark deposition, electrodes, wear resi

Abstract: The surface roughness of the parts has a significant influence on their performance properties and it is crucial for the friction force and wear of the bodies. Therefore, in practice it is often necessary to perform finishing treatment to reduce the macro, micro and meso- roughnesses - grinding, honing, lapping, polishing and more. In this study are examined the possibilities of reducing the roughness and the traces of the previous machining of steel surfaces by electro-spark deposition (ESD) with low-melting aluminium alloys. The roughness of the steel surfaces obtained after different milling modes after subsequent electrospark coating was investigated. Dense and uniform coatings with different surface microgeometry are obtained, which to a different extent erase the traces of the preceding processing. The examination of tribological characteristics showed a significant increase in the wear resistance of the coated surfaces.



    Journal of International Scientific Publications Materials, Methods & Technologies, vol. 14, pp. 106-116, 2020, Belarus, National Academy of Sciences, ISBN ISSN: 1314-7269

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