Autors: Kunov, G. T., Gadjeva, E. D., Petkova, M. P., Brusev, T. S.
Title: Stability Investigation using SPICE of BUCK DC-DC Converter
Keywords: Power Electronics, BUCK DC-DC Converters, Average Current Mo

Abstract: A stability investigation of the BUCK DC-DC converter with Average Current Mode Control is considered in the present paper. A Spice stability investigation equivalent circuit is composed. Using parametric analysis, zeros and poles of the current regulator transfer function are investigated. The optimal values of the compensation network elements for the current regulator are obtained. The stability of the converter operation is validated by Nyquist plot and transient analysis.



    ANNUAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS, 2014, pp. 219-222, 2014, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1314-0078

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