Autors: Brusev, T. S., Hristov, M. H., Nikolova, B. M.
Title: Investigation of Power Losses in Off-Chip and On-Chip Inductors
Keywords: power losses, off-chip and on-chip inductors, dc-dc converte

Abstract: This paper includes investigations of power losses in off-chip and on-chip filter inductors in monolithic dc-dc converter designed on CMOS 0.35 µm technology. Chip coils of the company Murata are used for off-chip inductors. For the extraction of the model’s parameters of integrated inductors of CMOS 0.35 µm process is used one of the Cadence tools named “Virtuoso Passive Component Designer”. Comparison between power losses in off-chip and on-chip inductors is made.



    Annual Journal of Electronics, vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 38-41, 2010, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1313-1842

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