Autors: Brusev, T. S., Nikolova, B. M., Kunov, G. T., Vuchev S.
Title: Efficiency Investigations of DC-DC Converter Supplying Power Amplifiers
Keywords: dc-dc converter, efficiency, Cadence, CMOS technology

Abstract: In the modern battery powered mobile communication devices output transmitted power is changed in wide range. Most of the energy in such electronic systems is consumed from power amplifier (PA). By increasing of power amplifier’s efficiency significantly could be increased the overall efficiency of those portable devices. The widespread used method is modulation of collector voltage (Vcc) of PA. Using switching-mode dc-dc converter the operated voltage of power amplifier could be dynamically changed. In this paper are presented investigation results of dc-dc converter, which can be used for dynamically regulation of collector voltage of PA.



    iCEST2014, vol. 2, pp. 463-466, 2014, Serbia, ISBN ISBN: 978-86-6125-108-5

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