Autors: Germanova-Krasteva, D. S., Nikolova, E. S.
Title: Deformation behaviour of textile electrodes during compression
Keywords: Textile electrodes, deformation behaviour, measurement biome

Abstract: Textile electrodes are increasingly used to measure biomedical signals (ECG, EMG, EEG) needed for diagnostic activities in medical practice. Tight contact between the electrode and the human body is required to obtain a quality biopotential signal. Pressure is applied to the electrode to secure it. The aim of the work is to study the deformations caused by the applied efforts. The deformation curves of two models of textile electrodes were determined, which have been examined before and after a certain number of washing cycles (10 and 50), in a wide range of pressure changes on the electrodes - from 0.1 to 17 kPa. Analyses of the deformation behaviour of the electrodes and its changes after washing are made. Characteristic zones in the deformation curves are defined; reasons for their formation and change after washing are commented.


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25th Scientific Conference on Power Engineering and Power Machines (PEPM’2020), 18-21 September, vol. 03002, pp. 9, 2020, Bulgaria, E3S Web of Conferences 207, ISSN 2267-1242

Copyright E3S Web of Conferences 207

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